Endorsements for Scott Lively

Additional Endorsements for Scott Lively

Daniel Roy Bloomquist - Minneapolis, Minn. - Scott Lively would make an honest and honorable Governor.

John Hajjar - I endorse Scott Lively to be the next Governor of Massachusetts. Scott Lively is the only gubernatorial candidate who signed the No New Taxes pledge because he is the only candidate I trust to cut, cap and roll back burdensome state taxes, wasteful state government spending and the fiscally irresponsible $127 Billion Borrowing Binge. I will be voting for Scott Lively because I want our next governor to break the corrupt Democrat machine's stranglehold over Beacon Hill instead of taking selfies with hard-left ideologue Democrat politicians.
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Please join me in voting for Scott Lively for Governor on September 4 (in the Republican Primary) and on November 6 (in the General Election).
John Hajjar
  • American Mideast Coalition for Trump; Co-Chairman (served as surrogate for Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign)
  • Middle East Christian Coalition (MECHRIC); Executive Board Member
  • American Mideast Coalition for Democracy; Co-Chairman (2012-present)
  • World Council of the Cedars Revolution; National Director (2006-present)
  • Harvard Catholic Center; Member, Senior Chaplain’s Advancement Council (2017- present)
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I proudly endorse Dr. Scott Lively for Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the Republican Primary Election on September 4th, 2018.
Scott Lively sincerely believes in the Right to Life, Limited Government, and Equal Opportunity for all regardless of race, color, or creed.
Dr. Lively believes in a strong two-party system where the GOP is a real opposition party, and not a Dem-Lite Version which is what we have been for the last 50 years. The current stranglehold and monopoly by the corrupt 'Gravy Train' Democrats cries for parity and reform.
Scott Lively believes in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.
He is a true social and fiscal conservative who actually believes that our Rights come from the 'Supreme Ruler of the Universe.' They are natural rights, and they do not come from Government. They come from God!
I urge all Republicans to start the process of Draining the Great Massachusetts Swamp by casting a ballot for Dr. Scott Lively on September 4th.
Earl Henry Sholley, Republican State Committeeman, Norfolk, Bristol, and Middlesex District

Gail Ritucci - Wrentham, Mass. - I fully endorse Scott Lively. It is a breath of fresh air to vote a candidate that respects my president and is pro life.

Life Matters TV
Brendan O'Connell - Life Matters TV - I endorse Scott Lively for the Republican Party's nomination for Governor of Massachusetts. As a Catholic and the host of the Life Matters TV Program, I agree with the Massachusetts Republican Party's platform on morals where it states that we believe every single instance of abortion is tragic and that traditional marriage strengthens society. Abortion murders an innocent baby girl or baby boy in the womb.
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Often not discussed is the emotional, psychological, and physical harm abortion does to women and to men. For instance, post abortive women and men have a much higher suicide rate, alcohol and drug problems. I have done many TV shows with women who regret their abortion, felt pressured into getting an abortion (64 percent) and who are now warriors and spokeswomen for the pro-life movement. Charlie Baker wants to continue the savagery of abortion upon Massachusetts residents by aligning himself with an organization that kills a lot people. And Baker has said he'll use taxpayer dollars to fund organizations like Planned Parenthood should Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton be overturned on a Federal level.
Ever ask yourself why Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the catalyst behind the pro-abortion agenda in the late 1960s and early 1970s became pro-life? Early ultrasound was part of the reason.
Ever ask yourself why Norma McCorvey, the Roe of Roe v. Wade became pro-life and tried to get her own case overturned? By the way, she never had an abortion.
Ever ask yourself why Sandra Cano, the Doe of Doe v. Bolton, the same day companion case of Roe v. Wade in January 1973, tried to get her own case overturned? By the way, she didn't believe in abortion, never wanted an abortion and never had an abortion. I interviewed her.
I did interview Kellyanne Conway four years ago just after the midterm election on whether ... and why ... pro-life politicians can WIN. I gave a DVD copy to almost every state committee member.
With approximately 1.4 million abortions in Massachusetts since Roe v. Wade in January 1973, isn't it time for a better selection for Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

Brendan O'Connell,
MASSGOP State Committee Man, 2nd Suffolk, 2012-present
Founder & President of Life Matters, TV & Media, Inc.
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Kevin Antonitis - Plainville, Mass. - I love your platform. please dont give up the fight. I'd like to join your team. I'm a registered Republican but more importantly, I'm a christian, pro-life divorced dad of two kids. I'm tired of the whole go along to get along mindset. Lower taxes, put our taxes to use for once. God bless you in your quest to becoming our new govenor.

Dr. Punyamurtula Kishore, MD MPH DFASAM - Top Recovery Expert Beyond a doubt, Dr. Scott Lively is the most qualified person to run as the Republican Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts in years. As an Attorney, Pastor, and as a man of integrity, Scott has been at the forefront of many battles that will come to define the future direction of our beloved state.
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In all he does, Scott exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness and stands on moral principles. Scott will use these qualities to create a better Massachusetts for all its citizens and residents.
We need Scott. Scott needs us. Vote for Scott on September 4th.
I am Punyamurtula Kishore, a resident of this state for over forty years. I was educated and trained at the Harvard School of Public Health and Carney Hospital as a Public Health Scientist and have an abiding interest in the welfare of every member of our commonwealth. I have had the good fortune of working hands-on toward the health of all populations in this fair state.
As a specialist in addiction medicine, I have seen the opioid epidemic grow from a small brush fire in the 70's to a raging inferno by the year 2010.
This scourge is taking many young lives every day. Over the past four years the deaths rate have skyrocketed: proof that the same old remedies are not working. The epidemic of 2010 is now assuming pandemic proportions and is leaving no segment of the society unaffected.

Editor's Note: Dr. Kishore's network of 56 clinics across Massachusetts with an very high recovery rate was shut down by Mass Attorney General Martha Coakley and the Democrat Machine in 2011 and the state went back to the expensive tax-funded "Methadone Model."
Having been restored from Chemical Dependence more than three decades ago and having ministered to the needs of the inner city Springfield, Massachusetts, Scott has laser-beam focus on the issue of opioid-related social pathology. He knows exactly what works to stem this epidemic and stanch the untimely deaths due to the spreading “infection.”
According to the Center on Addiction, Massachusetts was spending 22.2% of its budget on addiction care. Center on Addiction conservatively pegs the cost burden at 4.5 Billion dollars. These are not sustainable numbers: their continued rise robs everyone of capital intended for education, roads, and infrastructure.
In his election year State of the State address in January, Governor Baker announced the opening up of the money spigot even further by sanctioning 500 more beds in addition to the 1,100 existing detox and rehab beds. As it follows in previous failed footsteps, this “solution” is no solution at all: the appearance of action but bereft of result.
The addiction-related physical and mental health toll in Massachusetts is incalculable. Current administration proposals are creating a situation where a drug-free workforce essentially becomes a myth. Abnormalities such as the Methadone Mile is considered the new normal. Ever increasing numbers of children are wards of the state, thus placing vulnerable youngsters needing love attention and nurturance in the no mans land of expensive state bureaucracies.
At times like these we need to take a fresh look at the problems and issues bedeviling the State.
That time is now. Vote Lively

With genuine concern for the welfare of the Citizens and Residents of Massachusetts in Mind,
I Humbly Submit
Punyamurtula Kishore MD MPH DFASAM
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Ray Neary - Director, ProLife Massachusetts -All Massachusetts Voters: The Preamble of the Declaration of Independence lists the Right to Life first among those endowed to us by our Creator. All others are essentially dependent on this.
As a corollary, it is imperative that we cast our votes based on values - with human life itself foremost among all the issues.
Dr. Scott Lively has no peer in this race for Governor of this once-proud Commonwealth, as he is committed to the protection of all humans from conception to natural death.
Above and beyond this pivotal commitment, Dr. Lively has demonstrated a willingness to live out his Judeo/Christian beliefs - those on which this Commonwealth was founded.
I am personally urging all to select the Republican ballot and vote for Dr. Scott Lively as our Governor on Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

Timothy J Judd Jr - Dracut, Mass. - Massachusetts needs a conservative leader.

Marianna Massoud - New Bedford, Mass. - I endorse Scott Lively for Governor of Massachusetts. Thank you for running.

Matthew Hosman - Peabody, Mass. - I voted for Scott Lively in absentee voting as a college kid who will be away on September 4. His goals of ending public corruption, lowering taxes, and fighting the opioid crisis stuck out to me.

Bill Grant, CPA, Boston, Mass. – I ran for State Representative as a Democrat in 1970, but became disillusioned with that party and switched to Republican during the Reagan Revolution.
I am endorsing Dr. Lively as I believe our state and country have veered in the wrong direction since the 1960’s and he, by words and actions, is best able to return our state to the principles and values upon which it was founded.

Wayne Eaton - South Harwich, Mass. - Gov. Baker has proven to me he is no better than tax it all Duval. He signed into law a voter ID measure that will allow anyone who shows up to the voting booth to VOTE without proper vetting. I sent back to him his flyer telling him I am voting for Scott Lively. All the major issues need readdressing. Baker will take the easy way out and vote with the liberals.
Sandy Rios - Director of Governmental Affairs AFA www.SandyRios.com - Massachusetts, Heart of the American Revolution, needs a fresh breath of liberty and freedom.
Conservative thinkers like Scott Lively welcome debate while the Left can only survive through tyranny.
Elect a man who is imminently qualified, has a heart for America's foundings and a heart for his state, Scott Lively.

Brian Camenker, President of MassResistance - Waltham, Mass. - I have known Scott Lively for over 20 years. He’s an incredible person whom I admire greatly. I am thrilled to endorse him for Governor of Massachusetts.

Kevin Thibault - Lynn, Mass. - WE gave Charlie Baker a shot and he Blew it! It's time to remove Baker and Dr. Scott Lively seems to be a viable and practical Solution as a replacement.

James R. Adams - Vass, N. Carolina - Retired LTC, US Army; 68 Graduate of USMA, West Point, NY; Retired Professional Engineer and Surveyor; JD Degree from Campbell Law School; Personal friend of MG (Ret) Benon Biraro, candidate for President of Uganda - Unequivocal and Absolute! Have followed Pastor Lively from Oregon, through Uganda, to Massachusetts - A Man Of God!

Sally Fisher - Worthington, Mass. - People need to be reminded that the United States of America is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. Plato writes extensively about the perils of democracy as the lowest possible form of government. The proof is in the pudding; some call it Swamp! Godspeed, Dr. Lively. Thank you for leading our much needed movement to take restore Massachusetts to its rich moral, cultural, and historical integrity.

Len Mead - Unwashed Conservative Activist - As a former Baker-Polito supporter I have become disgusted with how Mr. Baker has moved from being a “moderate Republican” to a tax-hiking “Never-Trumper.” Scott Lively, like Trump, will work for YOU, the voters of Massachusetts. Scott will cut taxes, cut corruption, cut the bloated bureaucracy and make the state JOB-FRIENDLY instead of chasing people and businesses out. I moved to Florida, but I return here every summer. This summer I’m working for Scott Lively to become YOUR conservative Governor.

Paulina Medina - Malden, Mass. - Scott Lively will work on: Ending illegal immigration, ending DACA, ending sanctuary cities

Gary - Dalton, Mass. - I believe in Scott Lively for one reason and one reason only: he calls out the gross hypocrisy in Massachusetts that has become epidemic. The hypocrisy is borderline criminal and Mr. Lively will not bend for the Massachusetts core of insiders and their supporters. Mr. Lively will not compromise his integrity. He will fight and fight until he is victorious for the people that want fairness, not the cover up of equality. Fairness without equality is tyranny. Massachusetts has become a state of tyranny. Just look at law enforcement in this state. It is a police state with military thugs acting like they are in a movie. They are mostly liberals. Liberals have a proven track record of tyranny. Mr. Lively. I believe will change this if elected Governor. Thank you Scott for your service.
Jerry Grasso - Belchertown, Mass. - It's about time we have a candidate that has morals and ethics and isn't just angling for re-election or a popularity contest. I support Scott Lively 100%.

Douglas Ripley - Chelmsford, Mass. - I support Scott Lively. He represents more of what the Republican Platform supports.

Mike Calkins - Oxford, Mass. - Scott you are who we desperately need in the Governor's mansion. May the Lord richly bless you and your family and see you through to success in the upcoming election. I will talk to everyone I know and all my church friends to let them know about the opportunity we have with you! God Blessb

Scott Arnold - Leominster, Mass. - This is an overdue endorsement. I have been working for months as a retiree, when I can, with Scott's campaign, thanks to the fine Tatro families persuasive honest, all American, just the facts of truth approach. Scott's message is realistic in an unrealistic socialist arena we find ourselves seemingly locked in. Scott's ideas to reduce and hopefully eliminate spending in unrealistic worthless programs ..reunite the family unit of pro-life and free expression of Christian and Jewish faith values we share..stop the legalized thievery of hard working Americans' right to keep most of the money they earn! So many more values and solutions we share, Scott can easily articulate. Please, let's all do our part to inform members of our houses of worship especially, to make known that for the first time in over 50 years, the great opportunity exists to put a real conservative to represent us as our next governor in our state! We have the voting power to make this work, so let's work it out together! thanks.

Richard Pontbriand - Worcester, Mass. - Pastor Lively demonstrates the commitment to the princples of the Bible and our Constitution of the United States of America! Therefore I endorse Scott Lively for Governor.

Jonathan Abdy - Rockland, Mass. - Charlie Baker, rino Leftist, lost my vote, lost my Family's vote, also friends votes. He turned his back on the people, erased history at Georges island. The red flag (freedom control) and to think, "Lets use the working peoples tax dollars to rebuild the beach fronts." That the people are not allowed in does not matter much in MA. Legislature over turns every veto but Charlie won't even veto! The Dimm agenda! I am voting for what is best for MA, and that is a conservative Republican. Win or lose, my vote, goes to Scott Lively

Paul Burns - Wrentham, Mass. - Just the man to upset Charlie Baker

Paul Anastasia - Walpole, Mass. - Lets make a difference!

Glenn Knowles - Feeding Hills, Mass. - I endorse Scott Lively for governor.

Vladislav Bogomolow - Pittsfield, Mass. - Unquestionable commitment to God, his ministry, his family his church and our country, one nation under God.

Teresa Schliker - Charlton, Mass. - Scott Lively is an honest, courageous man who successfully overcame alcoholism and drug addiction and went on to serve others. He supports the most fundamental right, LIFE, and those that follow -- speech, to bear arms, to assemble, educational choice, home schooling, to worship as you choose and live accordingly. He is against abortion, 99%-failure-rate taxpayer-funded methadone, tax-loophole-funded homosexuality (via same-sex marriage), over-regulation, the censoring of free speech, government-mandated speech, debt, confiscatory taxing and fees, and the near-complete public takeover of education. He is the FIRST candidate for Massachusetts Governor whom I can honestly say I am ecstatic to support in all my decades of voting!

The Wareham, Mass. Republican Town Committee endorses Dr Scott Lively for Governor

Mark & Shirley Sanders - Brockton, Mass. - My wife and I would like more information to pass on to other Americans. We will work the work to save America and to drain the swamp!

Isaac Tatro - Leominster, Mass. - - I am a 18 year old Christian and I fully endorse Dr. Scott Lively for governor of Massachusetts. First, and most importantly, because he is a man of God who has a long history of ministry and service. And secondly, because he stands for the same principles and values that the founding fathers of this great nation did, those being Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, the right of life for the unborn, small government, a capitalist economy, the right to keep and bear arms, etc. Now to those who may be reading this you may be saying to yourself, that all sounds very nice and sweet, but a true full spectrum conservative like Dr. Lively has no chance in the liberal state of Massachusetts. Now if you did say those things I have two things to say to you.
First: There is no such thing as chance, but instead the providence of God, and with prayer from God's people I know that Dr. Lively can indeed become Governor.
And second: Massachusetts is not a liberal state, it is a state of good, hard working American people that is currently being run by liberal politicians. But the will of the people can change all of that. So that all being said, I encourage each and every person to vote September 4th for Dr. Lively and help put us back on track to making Massachusetts great again!!!!

Tony Nguyen - Dorchester, Mass. - I would like to endorse Lively since I'm sick of all the liberal bias and the state turning into another California. I'm a supporter of Trump and the Second Amendment and seeing Baker sign the red flag bill makes me want him out of office immediately.

John Maak - Ludlow, Mass. - Dr. Lively will be a great advocate of traditional American values. He's an ideal candidate to confront the headwinds of liberal ideology which are destroying this country. All the Best Dr. Lively.

Nancy Kocher - Uxbridge, Mass. - Massachusetts needs to clean house and replace with GOP! Good luck Mr. Lively you have my vote!

Pastor David Levandusky - Greenfield, Mass. - I support Dr. Scott Lively because of his knowledge and understanding of the issues Massachusets is dealing with, and, his convictions of high moral standards to drain the Massachusetts swamp of the biased corruption in the political arena.

Christine Kalenderian - Arlington, Mass. - I wish you good luck. I have a two family duplex in Arlington, MA and believe in the Constitution. As a retired Federal agent, I know the issues of which you speak are a concern of mine.

John Geary - Arlington, Mass. - I endorse Scott Lively

Connie Mirasolo - Arlington, Mass. - He's my guy

Rhett Emerson - South Dennis, Mass. - Thank you for running for governor.

Claire Hebert - Southwick, Mass. - We want truth and follow through. This Governor said what we wanted to hear to get elected. Totally support our President, want a governor who does too. Fed up with lies and deceit

David Pye - Gloucester, Mass. - As a Viet Nam Disabled Veteran and conservative, I endorse Scott Lively

Maureen LaBrecque - You definitely will be an asset to our fallen world. It will be wonderful to know we will have an advocate to fight for the life of a child. Too many disregard that life that God has made. We need to restore God’s word, His truth to this sinful world. Too many politicians start out with what people want to hear, but don’t follow through. You work for God, and that’s enlightening.
You definitely have mine and I am sure my husbands vote. I will pray for you as you embark on this journey, and as we know, with God all things are possible. You will be the blessing we need. Thank you for your service.God bless you, and your family. In His love and mercy
Clifford Blake - Webster, Mass. - Clean the swamp on Beacon Hill: No Sanctuary BS, no payroll padding, no midnite and weekend votes, cut salaries and perks to Ledgislators. Monthly financial reports to the public, fines increases plan. All capital expenditures plan or in progress, report on the auto inspection fiascos. Travel perks: advertise. Review all healthcare strangling regulation that denies care to the patient! That only serves the Agencies to crest more. Meet with Medical Doctor, staff and nusrsing Homes. Dissolve Progressive Socialism! Thank you

George Sarsfield - Eugene, Ore. - Dr. Lively is a fine Christian man, scholar, and Attorney. Consistent in his beliefs for over 30 years. comments: Dr. Lively is one of a few politicians in (or potentially in) a position of authority, interested in reform of family law. I believe family law is overdue for reform.

John Bulger - Leominster, Mass.
For almost 33 yrs. and am a lifelong resident of Massachusetts all my life. I have never been very active in politics as for the most part the way in which our government ran, really never impacted my day to day living. Well, in the years of late, government, and the extreme liberal way in which things operate is impacting me a lot. I am a conservative Christian, not to be grouped with "Those People", but I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior and I try to run my life to honor Him, and follow His teachings as to what is wrong and right. That being said, our country is certainly not now what our forefathers intended it to be. I had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Scott Lively this weekend and I was extremely impressed with his honest and back to basic approach to government. He is anti-abortion, believes marriage should be between and man and a woman, and believes we should retain the right to bear arms. Mr. Lively will also do his very best to bring our uncontrolled spending back into a degree of reasonableness. I endorse Mr. Scott Lively, and would be so proud and blessed to call him my Governor here in Massachusetts!!!!!!!

Wolter Witholt - Hendersonville, Tenn. - Pastor Scott Lively is passionate about life. I have witnessed how he and his wife Ann established themselves in a tough part of Springfield with a desire to be a good neighbor. They accomplished that and so much more with The Holy Grounds coffee house, offering a sanctuary for all people. I believe Scott will be an outstanding governor of Massachusetts, representing all people. He loves people, but he will take on every difficult agenda which threatens our constitutional rights.

Chuck Bohigian - Worcester, Mass. - I am endorsing Attorney and Doctor Scott Lively for Governor.
Beginning July 2017 to April 2018, I filed Six (6) MA St. Police Misconduct Complaints. They were IGNORED and REFUSED. Gov. Baker was aware of this, yet did nothing. Dr. Lively assisted in exposing the Public Corruption.
He is the GENUINE Anti-Corruption Candidate!

Al VW - Leominster, Mass., Sons of Liberty descendant - We need a real patriot like Dr. Lively to stop the huge corruption that is the state of Massachusetts! The mafia needs to be thrown the hell out, or put in jail!

Thurman Smith - Winchester, Mass. - I am pleased that I will be able to vote for a real Republican for governor.

David P. Lang - Franklin, Mass. - We need a strongly pro-life governor who will help restore public respect for traditional moral precepts and conservative social principles and who will oppose the utter madness of political correctness that has gone amok to the point of tyrannical oppression in so many ways. I believe that Dr. Scott Lively is the man capable of rising to this daunting challenge for our worrisome times and for the good of everyone in our Commonwealth.

Clinton Mass. Tea Party - It is the honor of the Clinton Massachusetts Tea Party to proudly endorse Dr. Scott Lively for Governor for the state of Massachusetts. - Clinton Mass. Tea Party