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Daily Trumpeter Articles

A Personal Message from Dr. Lively

<---- Scott Lively Republicans = "Our Bond is Family"

Dr. & Mrs. Lively Celebrate 36 Years of Marriage
Q. With So Many Catholics & Evangelicals, Why isn't
Massachusetts Pro-Life?
Trumpeting the Issues

Life - Save the Babies

My Plan - for Economic Development

Lively's 5 Point Plan on Taxes

Solving the Opioid Addiction Crisis

Opioids - The Solution

Abolish ICE??
My Advice: "Twice the ICE!"

Abolish DCF!

Protecting Our Elderly

Sanctuary City and State Sedition

Maura Healey's‘Assault’ Rifle Ban

Breaking the Democrat Stranglehold

The Last Trumpeter

First Century Bible College

Excellent Christian Pro 2A Action Film Coming to MA Theatres Oct 24

Did Trump Himself Orchestrate the Ukraine Whistleblower Incident?

Is Racial Harmony Possible in the Conservative Movement?

I Have Withdrawn from Mass. Politics

Major Announcement

Presidential Predictions for 2020

The Queer Logic of 'Straight Pride' Leaders

Father's Day and 'Straight Pride'

The Dem's 'Anthony Weiner of 2020' Attacks President Trump's Faith

Dr. Lively Helps Launch Gone2Far Movement at DC Press Conference

Dr. Lively Announces Possible 2020 Run for Congress

Lively to Headline Mass 4 Trump Christmas Party

Purple Uniparty Launches Trump Removal Campaign


Dr. Lively Nominates Donald Trump for Human Rights Award

Liberating the Poor is Not Just Biblical

Message from Dr. Lively

Dr. Scott Lively endorses Vote No to 3

The Way Forward


The Perfect Storm

Election Night Volunteer Appreciation Party

Silent Majority Finding Its Voice

NRA & GOAL Give Lively Top Ratings

The Speech that Could Save the Mass. GOP

Chinese Voters Pro-Trump and Pro-Lively

Christian Civic Duty

Grassroots On Fire for Lively

A Vigorous Defense of Donald Trump

Meet the Lively Family


Scott Lively is Fighting Hard for YOU!!

Huge Final Victory in 6 Year SMUG v Lively Lawsuit

Lively Talking Points on 'Gay' Issues

Imagine A Pro-Life Activist with a Governor's Power

Dr. Lively's Secret Weapon

Lively will ENFORCE Immigration Law

Lively Best Choice for Catholic Voters

A Governor Who Cares About YOU!

Returning Mass. to the Citizens

Lively Best Choice for Senior Voters

Lively is Best Choice for Black Voters

Back the Blue for the Good and True

Support for Our Great Military!

Massachusetts' Marijuana Mistake

Happy Birthday America!

Volunteer Opportunity Sat. Morning

Plymouth Parade Pics and Comments

Sexual Reality Check

The Power of the Grassroots

The Prayer in the MA Constitution

Grassroots Coming Alive for Lively

Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Defending the Unborn

The Importance of Fathers

Political Earthquake Coming!

Red Wave Rising

Free Tommy Robinson!
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    Keeping Faith with the Fallen

    Our Very Winnable Primary

    Judge Timothy Feely Must Go!


    Answering Lies About Lively

    Charlie Baker's 'Stolen Valor'

    Dr. Lively Wins Place on Republican Primary Ballot

    Momentum Excites Lively Team

    Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God

    Lively on 'Gays'

    My Appeal to Catholics

    My Public Confession

    Problem Solving vs Profiteering

    Patronage Pork Proves Point

    Anybody But Baker

    The Way Forward

    Lively v Baker Scorecard

    The Transgender Assault on Children

    Beware 'Big Brother' Baker

    Defending Trump in Masssachusetts

    Audit and Prosecute

    Lively Brings on Campaign Manager

    I Need Your Help

    Government Corrupted by Vice

    The Secret to Pleasing God in Politics

    Lively Opposes Hospital Merger

    Welcome to Mobachusetts

    Rise Up, Oh Men of God!

    Lively on Money

    The Rise and Fall of 'Tall Deval'

    Lively on LGBT Issues

    Lively on US Embassy Move to Jerusalem

    The Baker War on Conservatives

    Editor Attacks Trump, Lively Defends

    Mass. GOP Cheating Scandal Heats Up

    Lively on Money, Debt = Slavery

    The Coadjuvancy of Church and State

    The Consequence of Cowardice

    Charlie the Cheat Strikes Again

    I Stand With Rand

    Massachusetts’ Shameful Debt Load

    Who Defines A ‘Good Republican?’

    Before Trump Was Lively

    'State' Taking Credit for Church's Work

    The Baker ‘Baconator’ Budget

    God v Baker On ‘Sanctuary Cities’

    Baker Blood Money

    Lively Forms GOP Accountability Team

    Strike Down Roe v Wade!

    Black Robed Regiment ARISE!

    Lively on Trump

    Charlie Baker on Pot

    Lively v Baker on Theology

    Lively v Baker on Transgenderism

    Life-Chain with Lively

    Shabbat Shalom

    Nightmare Future for the GOP?

    Baker Team Fined for Cheating

    And So It Begins…

  • Update on Lively v Mass GOP Lawsuit

    Baker Appointed Judge Dismisses Lively Lawsuit Against Baker

    Evil Charlie Baker Should Be Condemned by MA GOP

    Hearing Set for Lively v Mass GOP Lawsuit

    More Dirty Tricks from Mass Swamp Creatures

    Lessons from the 2018 Election Cycle

    Charlie and the LGBT Agenda

    RINO Hunting Anyone?

    Baker's Sneaky 'Sanctuary State' Agenda

    Lively Issues Clarification on Public Employee Unions

    Lively Backs Gas Workers in National Grid Lockout

    The Good, the Bad, and the Butt Ugly of Mass Fiscal Policy

    Postcards from the Dredge

    Lively TRUMPS Baker

    Lively v Baker Poll Result

    Lively Confronts Baker on NBC 10 Boston

    The Wretchedness of 'RINO Reasoning

    This is Historic!

    Baker Terrified of Lively Surge

    Countering the Anti-Lively Media Blackout

    Lively will End Patronage and Restore 'Public Service'

    Lively Team Goes FULL TRUMP on Fake Republicans

    Baker's Dirty Tricks Have Begun

    Lively Calls Out "Chicken Charlie" for Refusing to Debate

    Lively Endorses Bob Massie for the Democratic Primary

    Two Big Thumbs Up for Trump Putin Summit

    Ethics as the Antidote to Corruption

    Something "Roten" In Canton Mass

    Trump Derangement Syndrome vs The Trump-Luv Effect


    Baker's Red Flag Bill Signing is Red Alert for Gun Owners

    Plain Truth About Marxachusetts

    Baker's 'Grand Bargain' is Grand Sellout

    Lively Calls for Baker to Resign

    Lively Earns Support from Chinese Community

    Unfunny "Late Show" Host Stephen Colbert Attacks Dr. Lively

    Build the Wall!

    Breaking: Lively Offers to Drop Lawsuit if Baker Debates Him

    Charlie Retains Ultra-Left Democrat Lawyer to Defend Him

    Why I'm Suing Charlie and Kirsten

    A Conference on Public Corruption in Massachusetts

    Q. With So Many Catholics and Evangelicals, Why isn't Massachusetts Pro-Life?

    Lively Files Lawsuit Early but Extends Deadline for Defendants to Comply with Demands

    Lively Closes 'Hate Group' to Build International Human Rights Network

    Lively to Sue Charlie Baker and Mass GOP for Cheating

    Dr. Lively Defends 2A at Far Left Gun Control Debate

    Chicken Charlie AFRAID to Debate Scott Lively

    Dr. Lively to Defend 2nd Amendment on Boston Gun Control Panel Tonight

    Trench Warfare with the Leftist Media

    The Only Thing Necessary for Evil to Triumph..

    Half-Measures Will Not Save This Commonwealth

    Baker's 'Sanctuary City' Betrayal

    The Lively 'Baseball Strategy' for Winning the Governorship

    Wear Trump Gear at Convention Requests Lively

    Lively Campaign Projects Over 20% Support at Mass GOP Convention

    Dr. Lively Receives Human Rights Award

    The Baker Warren Conspiracy Theory

    Dr. Lively Takes 'No New Taxes' Pledge

    How To Liberate Inner Cities With Proven Republican Values

    Good News! Massachusetts Can Be Cured of Liberalism!

    Step Three _ How To Flip Massachusetts Red In Three Easy Steps

    Step Two _ How To Flip Massachusetts Red In Three Easy Steps

    How To Flip Massachusetts Red In Three Easy Steps

    Fiscal Liberal Charlie Baker's Big Big Spending Takes Its Toll

    Bold Truth-Telling Is The Answer

    ABIOMED Kickback Scandal Update

    Baker Tied Politically To ABIOMED Kickback Scandal

    'Marx For Our Lives' Movement Imperils America

    Lively v Baker on Big Government

    Why is Jesus Christ so disrespected in Massachusetts?

    Lively to Launch Phase II of His Campaign with Springfield Gathering

    About Moral And Political Corruption In Massachusetts

    Unity With Democrats Is Surrender To Corruption

    Toxic Feminism

    Exposing the Baker/Clinton Purple Uniparty

    Deport All Illegals But Give 'Repatriation Grants' to Dreamers

    Lively's 'Pink Swastika' book is a Defense of Jews

    Will Healey Prosecute Baker for Election Crimes?

    Is Christianity Dead in the Republican Party?

    Lively Discovers Famous Bay State Governor in His Family Tree

    Local Leaders Defy Party Ban on Assisting Lively

    Lively Files Criminal Complaint Against Baker and Mass GOP

    Lively (and now Trump) v Baker on the 2nd Amendment

    Mass GOP Declares War on Lively -- Repeals Party Neutrality Rules

    An Open Letter to President Donald Trump

    Lively on the Latest School Shooting

    Lively Issues Cease & Desist Demand to Mass GOP

    The Lively Plan for Economic Recovery in Massachusetts

    Lively Endorses Sales Tax Reduction, Challenges Baker to Follow Suit

    Why Scott Lively Would Be A Better Governor Than Charlie Baker

    Priest and Pastor United for the Babies

    If Republican Values Were The Starship Enterprise…

    In Charlie Baker’s World…

    Has Charlie Gone Bananas?

    Juicy Gossip About Charlie Baker

    Lively Launches Postcard Campaign

    Baker Takes Credit for Trump Economy

    Lively v Baker on Sanctuary Cities

    Baker Tests Gun Confiscation W Bump Stock Ban

    Lively on Mass Political Corruption

    The Prayer in the Mass Constitution

    Can You Spot the Non-Republican?

    Why 71% Charlie Baker is so loved by the Democrats

    Lively v Baker on 2nd Amendment

    Lively v Baker on Planned Parenthood

    Why is a Democrat leading the GOP?

    IN IT TO WIN IT! Scott Lively Press Release

    Contact Scott Lively

    • Telephone: 413/250-0984
    • Email: VoteLively@gmail.com
    • Website: www.LivelyForGovernor.us